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Systems Migration

Deploying new computer infrastructure, software applications, a website or any other IT system can be problematic and stressful. The potential for unforeseen risks such as down-time, staff re-training and reliability or compatibility issues can prove very costly.

Desktop IT’s migration is the process of transferring data or programs from one computer system, software application or website to another. This may involve physical systems migration, when old hardware is no longer capable of meeting the needs of the system or if it has been damaged. It may also take the form of software- or data-based migration, where files, data, users and many other settings are transferred between systems.

One of the most common occasions for IT systems migration is when Desktop IT helps customers with office moves and logistics or data centre relocation projects. Our team of engineers, consultants, developers, project managers and training instructors can help you to minimise re-engineering and create a structured deployment and migration plan that will ensure you immediately take advantage of your investment, with the minimum disruption to your organisation.

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